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Our Patients Can’t Talk | Blind Becky

Dr. Denise Lindley runs a veterinary ophthalmology practice at several clinics in the Chicago suburbs. The first slideshow provides a look at Lindley’s clinic in Naperville, and the second tells the story of one of Lindley’s patients. (Daily Herald)

The Stutts Family

New Lenox is booming, but not all of the town’s residents can afford new, $500,000 homes. Joe and Sue Stutts live a block away from massive Lincoln-Way Central High School. They live in a cramped room in Buff’s Motel, where they raise their three young daughters. (Herald News)
Illinois Press Photographer’s Association Nov. 2006 Monthly Contest: 2nd place, feature multiple

Home for School |
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Brian Samuelson is one of about two dozen tutors in School District U46’s Home Hospital Instruction program. His task: keep 12-year-old Carlos Delgado on top of his class work while he recuperates from pneumonia, and prepare Delgado to return to school. (Courier News)

Faith in the Fox Valley

A weekly profile of an Elgin-area house of worship. (Courier News)

Eight Seconds

Tate Stratton, a junior at Texas A&M University, pays for much of his education with his weekend job. He is a professional rodeo bull rider. As part of the winter series of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association tour, Stratton competed at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver, Colo.
Boston Press Photographer’s Association 2005-2006 College Contest: 2nd place, picture story